Alinaay-Baguingao, one of the barangays of the eastern part of Cabugao, is around threekilometers away from the town proper. It is bounded on the north by Sisim, on the east by Aragan,on the south by Arnap and on the west by Turod Patac.

How Alinaay-Baguingao got its name cannot be told without relating how the town itselfand the surrounding barrios like Sisim, Aragan, Arnap, and Turod Patac got theirs. There was a story relative this of which the folks are very familiar with. Whether the story is legendary or
historical it has not yet been certain, but it is true that it has been told and retold from generation to generation.

During those times the people of the place, as in other parts of the country, were in tribal feud. Kabu Angaw, humorous as he was, had enemies too. The Kabu with small army was at war with another army from the east. At first the Kabu army was on the offensive. They drove the adversaries to the east, to a place of which is now Alinaay. When Kabu Angaw and his companions reached Alinaay they tried to persuade the people to join them in the fight. The people of Alinaay rejected. The place was then dubbed as Talinaay meaning peaceful. After many years, the first letter was dropped resulting in its present name Alinaay.

In one of his fights, Kabu Angaw was seriously wounded and died. Upon learning of his death, the survivors of Kabu Angaw gave up the fight and surrendered to the visitors. His people soon searched for the remains of their great ruler. After long hours of searching, they found his body in the shallow ditch near a tamarind tree, and they shouted, Bagui ni Angaw. Since then, the place was known as Baguingao, simplified from Bagui ni Angaw, changing the last letter of Angaw to O.

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