Once upon a time, there was a hilly place situated at the northeastern part of the town.
Among these hills, there is one which is different from the others because there is a big stone on the top on this hill. This hill is located at the westernmost part of this place.

As days went by, the stone was becoming bigger and bigger. Aside from this big stone, small stones surrounded it. The smaller stones increased in number until it became a mountain. Trees also grew in this mountain and also at the hill.

More people inhabited this place because they discovered that this is a very good place to live in. As days went by, the early inhabitants noticed that the big stone kept on growing until such time they decide to name it Bantay Bato. As years passed by, the inhabitants increased in number and they decided to name their barangay as Bato which was adapted from the name of the mountain Bantay Bato.

Silvano N. Jacob
Punong Barangay
Aileen C. Sajor
Sangguniang Barangay Member
Remedios C. Palenzuela
Sangguniang Barangay Member
Arturo A. Serrano
Sangguniang Barangay Member
Marcelino M. Naval
Sangguniang Barangay Member
Paterno S. Sajor
Sangguniang Barangay Member
Marcelino A. Lagmay
Sangguniang Barangay Member
Reynante C. Aquino
Sangguniang Barangay Member
Pedro S. Ilar
Barangay Secretary
Marieta S. Sajor
Barangay Treasurer