With the construction of the Balintawak Monument, this barangay could be associated with our national hero, Gat Andres Bonifacio.

Barangay Bonifacio is one of the four barangays situated within the poblacion. It is located on the eastern part of the poblacion, south of barangay Quezon. Barangay Bonifacio was created by virtue of Republic Act 3590 in 1935 in honor of the revolutionary hero Andres Bonifacio. As
provided by law, the first election was on the first Monday of the first month of 1960. From that election, Barangay Bonifacio became an official barangay and its officers were elected. Attorney Ernesto Somera became the first barangay captain and from then on Bonifacio existed as a barangay.

Barangay Bonifacio is composed of six puroks namely:
1. Barangubong, which is situated north of the National Highway and where most of the town’s musicians reside;
2. Nagtupakan or the place of settlement located at the southern part.
3. Pagpartian which is located inside the former public market (now the Cabugao Central Park) and where large cattles and pigs are slaughtered.
4. Timmagipuro or island-like is located north of Barangubong. This purok is surrounded by two connecting brooks, thereby separating the place from the rest of the purok. It is however accessible as there is a bridge that connects the adjacent purok.
5. Abagatan which is situated south of the National Highway.

Valentin S. Tuyor, Jr.
Punong Barangay
Ma. Cristina S. De Vera
Sangguniang Barangay Member
Reyno S. Sandi
Sangguniang Barangay Member
Dennis S. Cacho
Sangguniang Barangay Member
Roberto Roger S. Siruno
Sangguniang Barangay Member
Angeles G. Savellano, Jr
Sangguniang Barangay Member
Magencia Remedios S. Cruz
Sangguniang Barangay Member
Edison I. Saturno
Sangguniang Barangay Member
Anna Marie J. Sera
Barangay Secretary
Fredelyne P. Quilala
Barangay Treasurer