Barangay Caellayan is one of the oldest barangays of Cabugao, Ilocos Sur. It comprises of four sitios: Caellayan East, Caellayan West, Naguirangan and Padayog.

How Caellayan got its name?

Many years ago, there was no such barangay named Caellayan. The place was uninhabited because this part of the town is very mountainous and covered with thick forest. Although uninhabited, a certain group of adventurous men happened to pass through this deserted place to hunt wild animals. The hunters wandered and could hardly carry the wild animals they had captured so they rested for a while. They built a fire and butchered some of the animals to satisfy their hunger. As they cooked their food, one of them happened to step upon some small plants growing abundantly in that place. He pulled one and noticed that it had big roots. The hunters sliced the root into pieces and mixed it with the raw meat. He called on his companion to taste the meat. They were surprised because the meat became savory. They concluded that this root could be used for seasoning. They called this plant laya or ginger.

The hunters took home plenty of ginger and taught the people in town about the use. Later, they found out that it could be used as medicine. Many people who had known the whereabouts of ginger went to that place to get some. Several decided to live here and they became its first inhabitants. Because of the abundance of this now-famous plant, they named it Kalayaan, after the word laya. Later on it was called Caellayan.

Heidee Margarita S. Zabala
Punong Barangay
Rolen G. Sait
Sangguniang Barangay Member
Edna Y. Zabala
Sangguniang Barangay Member
Sherwin Z. Sait
Sangguniang Barangay Member
virgilio L. Vallejo
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Rony S. Sajonia
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Barangay Secretary
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Barangay Treasurer