During the ancient times, there lived a group of people along the seashore headed by a datu who had a beautiful daughter. One sunny morning, this lady went to the bank of the river and here she saw a very beautiful flower floating down the river. At that instant, she ordered one of her maids to gather the flower for her. She was so fascinated that she requested her father to send some more of the flowers. Her loving father, who could not disappoint and displease her, immediately consented. The warriors surveyed the bank of river upstream until they finally came to a group of trees on an elevated place bearing the flower they were looking for.

The warriors picked the said flowers until their containers were filled. They then proceeded home. They had not gone far when they met one of the natives and asked the name of the flower and said catulay.

The warriors, upon reaching their home, told the datu that they found the place bearing the beautiful flower and it was called catulay. The datu, who was not all acquainted with this place, called it Catulayan which means plenty of catulay. Later on, the Catulayan evolved into Catucdaan..

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