Long time ago, in the eastern part of the town, people were attracted to settle on a certain spot. This is located on a hill overlooking the wide fields and which is just along the river. Because of the scenic beauty of the place, people cleared the thick forest to avail themselves a place to erect dwelling houses. After several months, homes sprang up like a mushroom.

From these settlers, there emerged a leader who had a great commanding personality. His name in the native tongue was Cuan, derived from the Christian name Juan. Cuan, as usually called by the people, guided the people to construct irrigation, dikes and canals. He led all kinds of group works. He mediated whenever troubles arose in the neighborhood. They loved and respected him very much. Through his guidance, counsel and leadership, peace reigned in the neighborhood.

In his frequent talks with the people, it was observed that Cuan unconsciously uttered a peculiar sound, twist, and a click of the native tongue by the people tacla. Because of this peculiar habit of interposing their sound in his words, the place was named Cuantacla.

After several years, Juan died. He had fulfilled his mission on earth in giving peace to the people. The neighborhood mourned his death and because of the man’s exemplary behavior in life, the people resolved to name the barrio, Cuantacla in honor of the old man, Cuan.

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