Many years before our ancestors came to explore our country, there was no particular place, town or barrio that has a distinctive name. But when the Spaniards took possession of our country, names were given to barrios and towns. Some natives named their towns or barrios after their respective patron saints or favourite rulers whom they wished to remember.

Kabu-Angaw was a good ruler whom our town was named after. He was remembered for his valor and distinguished services to the people. He was so well-loved that the people regarded his word as law. One day, after taking a tour from barrio to barrio, he found out that there was one barrio that had no name. Upon knowing this, he immediately sent a messenger to the chief to gather all the people for a meeting for the purpose of giving name to the place.

Kabu-Angaw, with his counselors, came to this place. He was met by the people with a rousing welcome. The meeting began. But before the suggestion of names was given, Kabu-Angaw inquired whose house they were in. The chief of the barrio told him that it was once owned by a pious woman who died several years before. The woman became their idol and was considered a saint by the neighborhood. The chief added that her house was sacred to them.

Kabu-Angaw, upon knowing the story, suggested that they should name the barrio in her honor. The people with great interest consented to the suggestion of their great ruler. The barrio should be name Nagsantaan, shouted the most venerable chief of the barrio. The people stood up, cheering and all cried, Nagsantaan, the place of a saint. Ballads were sang and wine filled. Kabu-Angaw and the people were all happy and contented.

The early families that settled the place were the Peralta, Morales, Sablay and Sinco families and up to the present their descendants live in this barrio.

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