Barangay Namruangan includes the sitios of Cacarsan, Daclapan Norte and Caloy. Cacarsan got its name from a muddy pool where the people used to catch mudfish by emptying the water in these muddy pools. The term in our dialect is Cacarsan or Agkaras.Namruangan got its name from the brook west of the town. Once the brook became very high during a strong rain, the brook made a big gap and joined the river where Namruangan now is.Namruangan was derived from Nagburuangan.

The houses of Daclapan Norte used to be near the mouth of the river. During a great flood, all the houses washed away to the sea. Then the people built their houses little to the south where they are now.

The people of Daclapan Norte do not own any piece of agricultural land. Their lots where their houses are located are sandy. The people are engaged in fishing throughout the year. Therefore people of this place are all fishermen.

The people of Caloy, Cacarsan and Namruangan are farmers in their own agricultural lands and some of them are the tenants of rich landowners. The people of these places also engage themselves in fishing during the fishing season.

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