It is interesting to note that long before the Spanish occupation, Filipinos who belong to the upper class were very keen in acquiring vast areas of land. These groups of people settled and grouped themselves on places not occupied. Hence, two families, that of Ka Pablo and Ka Ramon, agreed to settle in the place where hills are covered with forest, fertile valley. And this terrain is suitable for raising livestock.

Viewing the place, the two families decided to settle permanently. They joined hands to make the place liveable by clearing the forest and making other improvements. During the night, they heard the sound “rrrrrrrrrr-pac, rrrrr-pac”. They consciously made no comments about the sounds because they thought it was caused by supernatural beings or anitos. Through their hard work, the settlers were able to turn the forest into fields which could be
planted with corn, rice, camote and others. Other families were attracted to the place and from the most intelligent, they chose their leaders who worked hand in hand to improve their community.

They were able to make progress in cleaning the place, hence, more fields were planted. The sound that disturbed them remained, however, so after their bountiful harvest, they made offerings to the anitos, hoping that this would appease them. This did not stop the sound and the people discussed ways to find out the source of the noise. The braver ones volunteered to keep watch that night, but the strong wind made them go back to their houses as the wind blew harder, the noise “rrrrrrrrrr-pac, rrrrr-pac” became louder and much more disturbing. And because of the continuous sound, the leader called some of the men to go to the hills and observe. After a few minutes, they found out that the wind was the cause of the sound when it blew stronger, the bamboo broke making the very loud sound of “r r r r r –pac”. This explains the mystery of the sound. The people since then thought of adopting the sound “rrrrrrr-pac,
rrrrr-pac” to name the barrio Reppaac.

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