The place is composed of two barrios, Salapasap and Bugnay. Two barrios adjacent to one another but later on Bugnay became a sitio of Salapasap. It is located northwest of the town along the seashore three kilometers away from the town. If one follows the path by the river through the rice fields, one can reach the place. One can also reach Bugnay, Salapasap via Bungro road taking the national highway going to the north which is merely a kilometer away from the town proper.

The soil here was loamy and sandy, even the rice fields within the area. When it rains, the soil can hold the water for a short time for it absorbed easily. And then the ground became dry again. Because of this kind of condition, people most often commented - “Agpasalapasap lang ti danum uray no agpaut ti tudo”. With this observation, they decided to call the place Salapasap. Bugnay has its own legend too. The place can be traced upon the story. One day, two
fishermen went fishing. Unfortunately, they had no catch. When they arrived home, they found out that there was no food available even just for breakfast. The last food was eaten by their hungry children. Having no catch means nothing to sell or barter with. These two fishermen went out to look for food to satisfy their hunger.

Coming across a thick woodland, they saw some trees bearing fruits. Each one of them tasted the fruits and seemed to like it. They gathered all the ripe fruits and brought home which they gave to their children and shared to their neighbours. They learned later that the trees bearing those fruits were bugnay. When the place was cleared, people began to settle in that area, and decided to call the place Bugnay. A certain type of seaweed was also known as bugbugnay. The seaweed was very similar to the fruit of bugnay tree. It is a belief to the people that the name of the seaweed as bugbugnay which was
derived from the name of a tree.

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