Many years ago during the Pre-Spanish times in the Philippines when the Malays were busy immigrating to the island, there were no tamarind yet in those islands particularly in this community.

There was a time when several boats (balangays) loaded with tamarind anchored in this part. This palace was the distributing center of the fruit salamague. According to them mague is a Malayan word meaning port. At that time, this place was called salamague meaning a fruit of tamarind.

Later on during the opening of the Spanish road to Salomague, the Ilocanos in this place where then the descendants of the early Malays who inhabited the place, changed to Salomague which a combination of two words – Salogan and Mague. The first three syllable word signifies the long crooked road going down the slope of the hill (salogan) to the port. While the last two syllable word means port. Now, the barangay is called Salomague.

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